Upcoming online mushroom cultivation and soil health workshops through UBC’s Farm Community Series

Wed, Sept 30 from 5:30-7:30pm $15 register through link above
This workshop will offer an introduction to soil contamination and degradation and go through how to test your soil, understand soil test results and restore health to degraded and/or contaminated garden soils. Best practices for growing food in healthful ways and addressing soil contamination using ecological, gardener-accessible methods will be offered.
Thurs, Oct 15 from 5:30-7pm $15 register through link above
This workshop will offer an overview of some of the many ways you can grow mushrooms indoors at your home, apartment or on a balcony; and highlight ways you can make use of household waste as a food source for your mushrooms. We will go through and demonstrate growing Oyster, Shiitake and Lions Mane mushrooms and offer instructions for doing it yourself.
Tues, Oct 20 from 5:30-7:30pm $15 register through link above
This workshop is for people who want to grow mushrooms outdoors and highlights edible and medicinal mushrooms which can be grown in spaces you can’t otherwise grow in, or can be companion planted in your gardens and orchards to boost plant growth and build healthy soil ecosystems. We’ll talk through how to make a mushroom bed, mushroom pathways, logs, and companion plant within your veggie beds, and discuss the important role of mycorrhizal fungi in the garden, farm and orchard.

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