Upcoming Workshops and Events

Edmonton: Skills for Low-Tech Mushroom Cultivation Weekend Course

The course is a sliding scale of $225-300. RSVP required. Buy tickets here.

Skills for Low-Tech Mushroom Cultivation Course details

 Friday from 7-9pm: Intro to Fungal Ecology

This talk will cover what you need to know to begin a relationship with the fungal kingdom so to grow mushrooms for food, medicine and earth renewal. It will offer an understanding of fungal ecology- how some of our fave fungi live and thrive- important to getting started practicing the art and science of mushroom cultivation.

*Optional: 9-9:30pm Mushroom Medicine Circle- try a medicinal mushroom tincture!


Saturday from 10-5pm

10-12:30pm: Approaches to Cultivation: Substrates

This will introduce the cultivation lifecycle and detail approaches to cultivation (sterile and less-sterile), and then get hands-on in spawn production: we’ll prep the substrates (growing mediums) together- liquid culture, agar, bulk substrates.

12:30-1:30pm LUNCH potluck

1:30-2:30pm Equipment + Materials: make a glove box, and go through a mushroom cultivation equipment and materials checklist.


2:30-5pm: Approaches to Cultivation: Spawn + Growing Mushrooms

This follows from the morning session with hands-on, supported inoculations of the substrates we prepped, including liquid cultures- and a discussion of next steps: incubating, troubleshooting- what to do if it gets contaminated– and urban recycling for food + medicine growing. Everyone will make an Oyster mushroom grow kit to take home.

 Sunday from 10-5pm

10-12:30pm: Outdoor mushroom cultivation

Hands on outdoor mushroom installations at a partner location including mushroom logs, mushroom beds and pathways, companion planting within veggie beds and orchards, mushrooms and composting, and the important role of mycorhizal fungi in the garden and orchard.

12:30-1:30pm LUNCH

1:30-2:30pm: Medicinal & Nutritional Mushrooms

We’ll explore the nutritional and medicinal properties of Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, Maitake, Shiitake and other mushrooms, and how to prepare them in cooking, teas, broths, capsules and tinctures.

 3-5pm: Mycoremediation

We’ll discuss how fungi can break down chemical pollutants- including oil, pesticides, and even Agent Orange; suck up heavy metals and radiation; filter water; bust up asphalt; and initiate and support many lifecycles that ultimately regenerate ecosystems. We will talk through some specific applications including how to filter water and detoxify contaminated soil with fungi, and visit or view local mycoremediation projects.



Honored and excited to be teaching alongside such rad people at the first ever women’s mushroom retreat in Wisconsin this October!

 vA2017 Fall Postcard (1)

Vancouver- UBC Farm Workshops 

November 11th, 2017

Grow Edible Mushroom In the Garden & Farm – 10 am- 1 pm


Grow Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms At Home —  2-4:30 pm

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Workshops and Events

  1. Hi there!

    I have a few people who are very interested in this workshop. I live outside of Rockwood, ON and was not able to attend on Aug 19. Do you do private workshops? If so, how many people are allowed to participate and how much?

    If not, any way you can film/do an online tutorial and charge for access to it?

    • Hi Nicole, I do private workshops indeed! If you’d like to email me at diyfungivictoria@gmail.com to get the ball rolling we can discuss your needs and what I typically offer, you can look at my list of workshop offerings to get an idea (as well as pricing range, I ask for teaching fees + materials/mushroom culture costs), and I can tailor to meet your groups’ interests. My family lives in Ontario so I am back regularly- I will be back in December and could book a private workshop then, or, we could arrange an Online tutorial. Looking forward to meeting you!

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