Order Mushroom Spawn

Spring 2018 spawn orders:

All the mushroom spawn I sell is for edible mushrooms. I focus on offering varieties that are easy to grow, and provide handouts with detailed instructions so you are set up for success! Outdoor mushroom installations are best done in the spring and fall. I only offer spawn during the season that it will successfully grow, please see below for the spawn available between now and July.

To order:

Email your order to diyfungivictoria@gmail.com or call (250) 891-4927. I will confirm your order and email an estimate. Payment is ideally made upfront via e-transfer or paypal, or can be made upon delivery/pickup with cash or cheque.

It can take between 2 weeks- 1 month for your order to be ready.


Price does not include shipping. Delivery available for Victoria-area orders ($3-5), pickup in Esquimalt/Victoria is free.

Grow In Your Garden

garden giant imageKing Stropharia growing in pots

King Stropharia (Stropharia rugosa-annulata)

This delicious edible mushroom can be grown in your garden pathways; in beds of wood chips and other mulch; as a companion planted with garden vegetables; or set up as filtration mats to clean up farm run-off. This variety can overwinter and keep growing for many years if you keep adding woodchips. If you like Portabello mushrooms, you will like these!

Difficulty level: easy

Fruiting seasons: climaxes in late summer (In Victoria I find outdoor patches produce mushrooms from March through November)

What you need to grow them: fresh hardwood woodchips

How to grow: in pathways or patches (see handout)

Recipe idea: King Stropharia Risotta with White Wine, Parsley and Roasted Ancho Chilies

Available as:

King Stropharia spawn for outdoor patches (regular $20; large $25)

*with fresh alder woodchips – $15/garbage can

** Fall Special: King Stropharia patch installation 

Small (2×2 ft patch) includes spawn + woodchips + install + instructions for care= $60

Regular (4×4 ft patch) includes spawn + woodchips + install + instructions for care= $75

Sterile spawn for cultivation (4 lb bag on sawdust) $25

Bunker spawn bags (40-50lb bags for water filtration, remediation projects and large sites)* Please contact me to make a special order. Bulk orders like this can take up to 3 months to grow.

King Stropharia Spawn
Small (outdoor patch) $20.00 CAD

Regular (outdoor patch) $25.00 CAD
Complete Patch small (includes spawn + woodchips + installation) $60.00 CAD
Complete Patch large (includes spawn + woodchips + installation) $75.00 CAD
Spawn for Cultivation/Shipping (4 lb bag) $25.00 CAD

D.I.Y. Oyster Mushroom Kits


 Pearl Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) + other oyster varieties

Oyster mushrooms are the easiest mushrooms to grow, so they are perfect for beginners to mushroom cultivation, and a great way to learn about mushrooms. They are some of the least picky eaters of the gourmet mushrooms we can grow- and will grow on just about any material containing cellulose- from coffee grounds to shredded office paper to cardboard to invasive plant matter and other agricultural waste. Oyster mushrooms are not only delicious, they are very nutritious- full of vitamins B,C and D, iron and niacin- and medicinal- containing natural ‘statins’ which help modulate cholesterol and properties which support our immune systems. They are also great remediators which can help break down petroleum hydrocarbons (like oil in oil spills) and other wastes (like cigarette buts).

Oyster mushrooms have a delicately sweet, mild flavour with a velvety texture and are high in protein, anti-oxidants and vitamins B & C.

Difficulty level: easy

Fruiting seasons: depends on the variety- Blue Oyster is a cold weather strain that can grow well in winter; Pink and Yellow Oyster are hot weather strains that can grow in the heat of summer; King, Pearl and other oyster varieties are good year rounders that grow best in the fall and spring. You can grow most oyster mushrooms year round indoors or in a greenhouse/hoophouse.

What you need to grow them: is all included in your order 🙂

How to grow: in buckets or bags of freshly spent coffee grounds, boiled straw, or moistened shredded paper (see handout)

Recipe idea: Lacto-fermented Oyster Mushrooms

Available as:

Do it yourself grow kit- $20 (includes a grain spawn jar with pre-drilled + cleaned bucket + handout with instructions

*you get free coffee grounds (brewed that day) from a coffee shop and mix together with the spawn! 1 month later= first crop of oyster mushrooms 🙂

**Or include pre-chopped straw (you boil in a pot) for an extra $5.

Ready to go 4 gallon Oyster mushroom bucket $35 – just water and harvest!

Oyster mushroom grain spawn jar for cultivation- $15

Sawdust spawn (4lb bag)- $25

Straw spawn (4 lb bag)- $15

Oyster Mushroom Spawn
D.I.Y. Kit (grain spawn, drilled bucket, handout + sprayer) $25.00 CAD
Ready to grow Oyster bucket (4 gallons) $35.00 CAD
Oyster grain spawn jar $15.00 CAD
Oyster sawdust spawn (4 lb bag) $25.00 CAD
Oyster spawn (straw) $15.00 CAD

Grow Mushrooms on Logs 


Shiitake (Lentinula edodes)
Shiitakes have a woodsy, meaty flavour and texture when cooked and are commonly used in stir-fry and pasta meals. Known as an immune-enhancing, cholesterol-reducing “superfood”- they are high in protein, anti-oxidants and Vitamins B, C & D, with cardiovascular, antiviral, blood sugar metabolism and skin health benefits.

Difficulty level: difficult

Fruiting seasons: spring through early fall

What you need to grow them: hardwood logs (esp. Oak, poplar, cottonwood, alder, beech, birch, willow, broadleaf woods- fruitwoods are poor for growing Shiitake) that were cut less than 2 months ago + a drill or saw + wax

How to grow: (see handout)

Available as:

dowel spawn

Dowel spawn

Inoculated dowels– 100 plugs for $20 ; 250 for $35 ; 500 for $50 * typically need 30-50 plugs per log. OUT OF STOCK 

Sawdust spawn (4 lb bag) $25 * will inoculate 15-30 logs depending on the size. Need a ‘palm inoculator’ for this method – can rent or borrow mine.

Shiitake Ready to Grow Kit (4 lb bag) $25

Shiitake Mushroom Spawn
100 Shiitake dowels (for logs) $20.00 CAD OUT OF STOCK 
250 Shiitake dowels (for logs) $35.00 CAD  OUT OF STOCK 
500 Shiitake dowels (for logs) $50.00 CAD  OUT OF STOCK 
Shiitake sawdust spawn (4 lb bag) $25.00 CAD
Shiitake grow kit (4 lb bag) $25.00 CAD

Specialty Grow Kits


Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus)
This “superfood” is high in protein, and one of the few mushrooms that can taste like lobster or shrimp. Eating this mushroom can make you smarter; it is a powerful antioxidant, enhances memory, is an antidepressant, and can help treat age-related cognitive diseases.

Limited quantity. Please inquire: $25-30. Ready to grow.

Liquid Cultures 

$15 / 12 ml syringe

Please inquire as to current LC’s available.

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