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Reishi, the Conductor 

Op-ed to the Times Colonist, “To Grow Food In the City, Heal the Soil First” 


Report-back from the “Ecologically-focused Mushroom Walk” with Willoughby Arevalo

In early October, 2015 we went on an ‘Ecologically-focused Mushroom Walk’ at Francis King park- an enchanting old-growth Douglas Fir forest just outside of Victoria. It was a foggy fall morning, and the recent cool rains had encouraged mushrooms to start to pop up through the leaf litter of the forest floor and on fallen trees. Willoughby Arevalo, our teacher, is a loving mycologist, gardener, kitchen wizard and educator originally from Arcata, California, now based in Vancouver, BC. He is a member of the Radical Mycology Collective, a group dedicated to sharing open-source, accessible information on the easiest and most effective means for working with fungi to increase personal, societal and ecological resilience. I learned so much from this walk that I wanted to share some of it! I’ll share a bit about one mushroom at a time over the next few weeks.

Mycena mushrooms bleed, glow, build soil