Weekend of Mushroom Cooking, ID and foraging workshops with Willoughby Arevalo!! April 15 + 16

Mushroom Cooking for the Wild at Heart

Friday, April 15 at 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

@ Quadra Village Community Centre, 901 Kings Road, Victoria

In this live cooking show and tasting dinner, mycologist and kitchen wizard Willoughby Arevalo will demonstrate appropriate pairings of local wild and cultivated mushrooms with seasonal ingredients, allowing each type of mushroom to shine in preparations honoring their unique qualities. Willoughby looks beyond classic and typical recipes for the most popular mushrooms, to lesser known delicacies, medicinal treats and unexpected preparations.

$45-75 sliding scale, includes 7 course meal
(one partial work trade available, please check in with us)

Space is limited, please register with Danielle @ diyfungivictoria@gmail.com or call 250-891-4927.

Learning to Identify Mushrooms

Saturday, April 16th from 10-11am

Quadra Village Community Centre, 901 Kings Rd.

This workshop intends to teach the core principles and skills of mushroom identification and ease the learning curve by clarifying broad concepts and offering tools to the beginner to intermediate mushroomer.

Topics include:
Understanding the Language of Mycology – Common and Scientific
Taxonomy: Macro to Micro, How Systems of Classification Change over Time
Mushroom Anatomy and Macroscopic Features – Discerning with all the Senses
Embodied Presence in the Mushroom Hunt
Recognizing Habitats and Reading Ecological Roles
Making and Reading Spore Prints
Using a Dichotomous Key
Stature Types, Major Groups and Species to Know
Seasonality and Geographical Occurance
The Mushroom Hunter’s Tools and Equipment
Ethical Harvesting Practices
Taking Field Notes
Resources for Further Study

Space is limited, please register with Danielle @ diyfungivictoria@gmail.com or call 250-891-4927.
Walking the Mycelial Web: An Ecologically Focused Mushroom Foray (with Willougby Arevalo)

Saturday, April 16th from noon-4pm

@ Francis King Regional Park

A participatory, field-based workshop geared towards all levels of experience, covering:
Core Skills for Mushroom Identification
Mushroom Names and Meanings
Fungal Ecology
Culinary and Medicinal Applications
Ethical Harvesting Practices
Traditional & Contemporary Uses
Cultivation and Mycoremediation Potential

Participants will come to understand the roles that fungi play in symbiosis, succession and regeneration, and how we can ally with fungi to increase resilience in our living systems and communities.

This amazing foray is led by mycologist Willougby Arevalo, a mycologist, gardener, kitchen wizard and educator originally from Arcata, California, now based in Vancouver, BC. In addition to lifelong self-study, he studied mycology at Humboldt State University and learned mushroom cultivation experientially, working as lab tech at Mycality Mushrooms, a medium-scale farm. He grows mushrooms at home and in the garden, subsistence forages, and prepares food and medicine from the harvests. He is a member of the Radical Mycology Collective, a group dedicated to sharing open-source, accessible information on the easiest and most effective means for working with fungi to increase personal, societal and ecological resilience. He teaches extensively, having presented workshops at many festivals, courses and events around North America.

$40-60 sliding scale. Space is limited, please register with Danielle @ diyfungivictoria@gmail.com or call 250-891-4927.
Join us before the foray for a Mushroom Identification workshop!

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