3 thoughts on “Sooke “Growing Edible Mushrooms in the Garden” workshop this Sat, Nov 12th from 12-3pm

      • Danielle – I did not realize it was such a short course. I would like to know if you put on a full 2 day course anywhere in the spring. I also would like later in the spring to hire you for a few hours. Between the Oysters and the King Stropharia I had a daily race with the slugs as to who would have mushrooms for supper. Lovely crops, slugs run faster than I.

        I am moving past the slugs to grow inside with humidity control and lighting, Almost there with all I need.

        I need a full refresher course, I got so much out of your course, but I believe I missed a lot as well.

        I will pass on the 3 hour course as it’s my birthday weekend,

        Please if you can let me know. Donna Chaytir

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