Vancouver- Mushroom Cultivation Course November 12th

Sunday, November 12th from 10-5pm

@ Stratchona Community Gardens, 759 Malkin Ave. Vancouver

Come to this day-long intensive to learn how you can grow nutritious, delicious and medicinal mushrooms where you live. We’ll overview basic fungal ecology- what you need to know to grow mushrooms successfully- and then delve into simple ways you can grow mushrooms in your home, garden and farm. We’ll focus on the easiest mushrooms to grow- Oyster, Garden Giant, Shiitake and Lions Mane- and go through their nutritional and medicinal properties and ways to grow them. Then we’ll get hands-on experience making mushroom logs and mushroom beds in a food forest garden, as well as offering tips for companion planting mushrooms within veggie beds and orchards, mushrooms and composting, and the important role of mycorhizal fungi in the garden and orchard.

Each partipant will make their own Oyster mushroom grow kit to take home. Participants will leave with two mushroom growing projects, detailed handouts, and an understanding other cool stuff they can do with their mushroom kits- from building healthy soil, exploring a small-scale myco-remediation project, to scaling up food and medicine production.

Cost: pay-what-are-able but please give generously between $95-$125. Registration required. Please reserve your spot by contacting Danielle at to purchase tickets.


Instructor bio: Danielle Stevenson is a fungi enthusiast living in Duncan, B.C., Canada, with a focus on community-based work towards food sovereignty and land regeneration. She launched D.I.Y. Fungi to offer education and mushroom cultures (a.ka. “spawn”) to empower folks to grow their own food and medicine. She also works on projects and research that address food and waste issues, soil contamination and toxic waste, and works on grassroots and municipal-scale bioremediation projects.

2 thoughts on “Vancouver- Mushroom Cultivation Course November 12th

  1. Hello!

    Wondering what the locations are for this course (both Island and Vancouver)? Trying to decide which location makes more sense for me 🙂


    • Hi Emilija, There is one day long intensive in Nanaimo on Nov 5 and the day long intensive in Vancouver on Nov 12. But I am also in the midst of booking one in Victoria for later in November if that interests you 🙂

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