I am looking for 1-2 Victoria-based folks to help out with mushroom chores over the next few months. My proposed trade is for 20 hrs of work valued at $15/hr in exchange for a space in an upcoming weekend-long mushroom cultivation course (tentatively June 1-3rd) + spawn. Things I need help with include: gathering and prepping substrates (chopping straw, getting woodchips, prepping buckets and jars and cardboard), making airport lids and sterilizing needles/syringes for liquid culture, postering, organizing the cultivation space, and a bit of help with setup and takedown at the course. If you’re interested in learning to cultivate mushrooms for food, medicine and remediation, this will be a great supplement to the course as you’ll get embodied experience with the first key phases in mushroom cultivation. PM if you’re interested with a bit of info about yourself and why you’re interested, and your availability.

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  1. Hi Danielle
    I would love to be your ‘helper’ but I will be out of town until June 11
    I could set up some mushroom things next week

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    • Hi Barry,
      If you wanted to do some work this week that could help, though the challenge is that you’d miss the course which is the trade… (its set for June 2-3)…. what do you think?

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